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We're testing the system out and getting a feel for what our members want." So far, MSN UK's aggressive webceleb strategy appears to have paid off.Earlier this year, in the face of fierce competition from AOL in the US, MSN UK won exclusive rights to webcast The X-Files live chat. Not only does George Michael sing, hang out in toilets and dance (sort of), but he gives good web chat, too.In an admirable display of keyboarding, Michael tapped out answers to 38 questions posed by some 9,000 fans who joined him at the end of July for a two-hour online chat.That they were staged here and not by MSN in the US is in part a testament to the vision of MSN UK and in part a lucky geographical quirk.

From there, publicity fanned out across the worldwide Murdoch media empire.

Which was all good, uhm, exposure for George Michael.

Unsurprisingly, AOL, Virgin Net and Compu Serve have also got in on the celebweb act, hosting and sponsoring web chats with stars as diverse as Noel Gallagher and Uri Geller.

What is more surprising is that only MSN has so far really run with the idea.

Three of the largest celebweb events ever staged - The X-Files, George Michael and James Cameron, director of Titanic - have been developed, promoted and administered by MSN here in the UK.

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