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Consumerist has reached out to Tele Pay for comment on the allegations in this lawsuit, and we will update this post if we hear back.

“Unfortunately, the abuses and financial exploitation they experience often remain invisible.

Other factors that are out of her control determine her hourly rate, the complaint claims: For example, even if it’s a prank call, dropped call, or just a silent call with no one talking on the other end, those calls get included in her average call length calculation.

According to the complaint, Tele Pay also makes it difficult “if not impossible” for the workers to track time and ensure they’re being paid properly.

She works from home, and is required by Tele Pay to keep a landline telephone, and stay within reach of it and her personal computer for certain periods of time to field customer calls, the lawsuit says.

In a typical week, the plaintiff usually fields dozens of calls, with a weekly call average of six minutes per call.

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